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The Escrow Process

Your Escrow Company is a neutral 3rd party tasked with facilitating
the process of transferring property from one party to another.

  • The Buyers & Sellers real estate agents submit signed real estate purchase agreement and relevant documents to Your Escrow Company..

  • We then send out all needed documents to sign.

  • Your Escrow Company orders the Title and all other services

  • Escrow collects Buyers' initial deposit

  • Buyers & Sellers return signed & completed escrow documents to Your Escrow Company

  • Your Escrow Company works with all parties to complete the services needed

  • Your Escrow Company pays off the existing loans the seller may have

  • We then coordinate with Buyers' new Lender to satisfy all loan conditions and order loan documents

  • All services completed, Your Escrow Company collects all the invoices

  • Your Escrow Company requests the loan to be funded

  • Your Escrow Company finalizes Settlement & Closing statements

  • Buyers wire funds to Your Escrow Company

  • Your Escrow Company then authorizes and sets up Title recording

  • Your Escrow Company confirms the Title has been recorded

  • All existing loans from the seller is paid off

  • We disburse funds to all parties

  • Final documents sent to all parties

  • Congratulations! Your loan is now funded


At Your Escrow Company our passion lies in serving you. Whether you’re an Agent, Buyer, or Seller, we thrive on guiding you through your escrow transaction. We take delight in listening to your unique journey, be it the diligent saving for your first home or the need for a bigger space to accommodate your growing family. Even during challenging times, we find joy in easing your burdens by providing step-by-step support throughout the Escrow process. The sound of your exhilaration when we announce the successful closure of escrow fuels our motivation and reaffirms our unwavering dedication. It’s moments like these that remind us why we chose this path and wouldn’t trade it for anything else!